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4U Recording is a recording studio that exists to serve and help artists realize their full potential. We are leaders in the independent recording industry who strive to provide our clients with the greatest opportunities for success. This is accomplished by providing unrivaled quality recording experiences in our studio; top-level service from our dedicated and professional staff; offering educational resources; and composing an environment that includes teamwork and collaboration for both aspiring and veteran artists. Experience the difference and come find your sound 


Services We Offer: 


  • Recording services

  • We have 3 studios and 3 production suites to help you find your sound:
    • Studio A is great for large ensembles. It features a state-of-the-art API Legacy Axs mixing console, two isolation booths and a Baldwin Grand Piano. Studio A can accommodate 20 people in the room and 15 people in the control room.
    • Studio B is a perfect setting for an acoustic set. The studio allows up to 10 musicians in the tracking room and 8 in the control room.
    • Studio C is perfect for artists who are looking to rehearse or record in a more private setting. Studio C’s control room comfortably fits 8 people.
    • Production Suite 1 is outfitted for music production, tracking, editing and mixing.
    • Production Suite 2 is the tracking room and writing suite.
    • Production Suite 3 is the mixing suite for music production, tracking, editing and mixing.
  • Mixing Services: 4U Recording has the necessary tools to enhance your sound and achieve the high level of quality your project deserves.
  • Mastering Services: 4U Recording will make the finishing touches on your project to create a final, polished package ready for distribution to all channels.

  • Live Events, Listening Sessions and Writers’ Retreats.

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