Heavy Hitters Music Group

Mission Statement: To enhance every project with our high quality music from our diverse roster of artists and songwriters with care in curation and flexibility.


We are a boutique song catalog and music publisher that exists to service all broadcast and non-broadcast media and primarily the ever-expanding Film, Television and Advertising industries. We support our artists by providing them with the best resources, time and attention available, while simultaneously providing our clients with fast, personalized service and perfectly curated music for their projects with multiple tiers of one-stop music in all genres. We strive to work with any client’s budget and creative parameters.


Services Offered:

  • Creative sync and music licensing for all audio-visual and interactive media
  • Music Clearance
  • One stop and easy to clear music in all genres for any budget
  • Custom Music Packages (TV, Film & Advertising), Custom Songwriting (Themes and Replacements) & Custom Production Cues
  • Music Distribution (through our distribution partner Beatroot Music)
  • Publishing Administration: Royalty Accounting, Royalty Tracking, Worldwide Song Registration and Neighboring Rights Collection


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