MIME Publishing

Our Vision is to be the premier independent music publisher in the world.

Our mission is to provide the best creative and administrative services to our writers to empower their economic and creative success.


MIME Publishing Services:


  •  Co-Publish and administer songs worldwide for the licensing, collection and maximization of our writers’ revenue streams
  • Support our writers and creative careers
  • Organize and maintain efficient catalogues including accurate registration of songs metadata with all agencies and digital service providers (e.g., ASCAP, Spotify, etc.)
  • Curate songwriting collaborations with producers and songwriters
  • Work with our affiliate Beatroot Music Distribution on offering publishing arrangements for Beatroot artists’ music
  • Work with our affiliate MIME Records on offering publishing arrangements on MIME Records artists music
  • Work with our affiliate Heavy Hitters Music Group for sync licensing our writers’ songs in TV, Film, Games and Ads 



MIME Publishing

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