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We are a top global distribution company with a team of industry veterans helping independent artists get their music distributed on major streaming platforms. 

Why Beatroot: 

  • We provide a rep for every artist that comes on board to help them with their onboarding process, to answer any questions they have and to ensure their needs are met. 
  • We work your product as much as you do! We utilize your resources and relationships at streaming companies, brands and music brands to ensure your music will get the highest exposure as possible. 
  • We support our artists by promoting on our personal channels, supporting new music dropping and attending listening parties and events. 
  • We have the most current analytics technology that allows our clients to make smarter, data-driven, business decisions 
  • We provide our artists clear range to express themselves creatively when it comes to their music and projects 
  • We have a synchronization partner, which has successfully sync placed our artists’ music on shows such as “Sistas”, “The Handmaid’s Tale” and Greenleaf.

Services We Offer

Rights Management: In addition to managing the global distribution of recordings to music services, Beatroot administers multiple rights management systems, including YouTube and Facebook, in order to maximize revenue for its clients. Beatroot is also active in the music publishing arena managing publishing rights in conjunction with Made in Memphis Entertainment’s publishing division.

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