Social Responsibility Statement

In a way that no other force could accomplish, Made in Memphis Entertainment is embracing a “social responsibility” to bring history, heritage, culture and artistry to a generation that almost lost it forever. MIME is set to launch the next era of memorable music production and commerce. The dawning of Memphis past is now in the hands of the future. 


Social Responsibility Statement: Community revitalization begins with a sense of pride. Memphis has seen no greater unifying force or greater era in its history than the “Memphis Sound” of the 60s and 70s. When Memphis was the epicenter of all things music. The talent remains, as does the passion for music. However, the generational divide has inhibited the transfer of the immutable principles perfected during the city’s golden era that lead to music that still has extraordinary catalog value while the local industry has diminished. We are committed to bridging this divide by downloading these enduring principles into fertile minds that can incorporate the principles into youthful and contemporary music, while at the same time building a sustainable ecosystem to revitalize and undergird a vibrant music industry in Memphis.

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